Child Custody in Maine - Know Your Rights are Protected

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Child custody rights can be at the heart of many family law situations. It takes the counsel of an experienced family law attorney who can take various aspects into account—someone who knows the law and how to help make things work under the law. At times like these, it can be helpful to know your child custody rights are protected. Contact Leary & DeTroy for a consultation on child custody today at (207) 782-3275.

What Would Cause Different Assignments of Custody?

Family laws are written in such a way that both parents are afforded equal time for child custody in most cases. Child custody for parents in Maine includes the legal and physical custody of any minor children. Both parents retain legal custody in most divorce cases. However, physical custody is often worked out through negotiated visitation schedules. Coming to an agreement on visitation can be some of the most difficult aspects for families to negotiate. Leary & DeTroy finds the most practical and fair way to make an agreeable visitation schedule that works for the way families are today.

Unique Custody and Visitation Schedules? It Can Happen

When clients determine that custody or visits must follow a more unusual schedule, we work along with your specific needs. With an eye on parental rights, safety of the children, and your particular situation, we help you to determine a schedule that works best.

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The satisfaction of the clients we help throughout Central Maine means a lot to us at Leary & DeTroy. We are grateful to help clients throughout the Central Maine region from our office in Auburn. Clients relay their satisfaction and our office number to friends and family when they need help with family law matters in the state.

Protect Your Rights with Custody That Works

Leary & DeTroy has the experience you need to protect your rights in achieving a custody and visitation schedule in divorce matters. If you need assistance anywhere in the state with a custody matter or any type of family law situation, contact us today for a free consultation.