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Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Claims in Maine

Maine is a state with an extensive coastline, where many harbor workers ply their trades. Leary & DeTroy serve clients who need assistance with filing claims for benefits covered under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). Similar to workers’ compensation and disability, longshore and harbor workers’ claims may pertain to work-related injuries and claim benefits under the “Longshore Act.”

Turn to Leary & DeTroy for Trusted Claim Filing Help

Residents of Maine who have been denied on a longshore/harbor worker claim often need legal assistance with the appeals process. The claims process can often involve medical reviews, documentation, and additional hearings that delay the process. LHWCA claims can be time-consuming, complicated, and cause unease until settlement takes place. Benefits under the LHWCA can be expedited with help from the trusted claim filing help of Leary & DeTroy. Our law firm in Auburn, Maine has been helping individuals file claims and appeals in Central Maine since 1996.

Longshore & Harbor Worker Claim Attorneys

Leary & DeTroy attorneys and staff provide help to our clients who seek to claim benefits under the Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. The attorneys provide valuable help in cutting through a lot of the delays that can occur with the claims process. Having a knowledgeable attorney from Leary & DeTroy by your side, especially if your claim is denied or there are other aspects of your claim to document, means you are not going through the process alone.